Building Facade Maintenance Repair and Inspection

Building facade maintenance repair and inspection is the process of identifying deterioration conditions in the exterior of buildings. These conditions include water leaks causing damage to the inside of the structure, inadequate insulation allowing heat loss and cold air infiltration, physical deterioration around balconies, rust stains, concrete spalling and other signs of material failure or aging. The primary function of a building facade is to separate the interior environment from the outside elements while providing acceptable light levels, control of solar gain and ultraviolet radiation, and management of views into the building and beyond.Read more :

A thorough building facade inspection requires a close examination of all major components. This includes a close up look at all sealants, caulking and bricks to evaluate the integrity of their materials. This also includes the testing of all windows and doors to ensure their weatherproofing properties remain intact.

Facade Maintenance 101: Tips and Tricks for Effective Building Preservation

The inspection process involves a visual survey from ground level and a ladder. In some cases, the use of a telescope or binoculars is required to observe issues that are difficult to see from a ladder or on the ground. Some of these include cracks, rust stains, drip marks, physical deterioration around balconies, and general material fading or aging.

One of the most serious facade problems is the occurrence of concrete spalling. This occurs when the embedded steel reinforcing in the concrete becomes corroded and the pressure of the resulting rust takes over the capacity of the original concrete. A comprehensive facade inspection will help identify these issues before they become dangerous to the people living in the building and to passersby on the street below.

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