What’s New at Pacific West Dental?

Pacific West Dental

Marie has been working in the dental industry since 2004, she joined Pacific West Dental in 2009. She works at the front desk and is one of the first people to greet patients as they walk in. She enjoys the variety of the day to day tasks in her job, and most importantly, getting to know her clients. She is married with her first child and when she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family.

In partnership with Pacific West Dental Central College and Delta Dental of Washington, our Pacific Tower Dental Education Clinic trains the dentists of the future while providing quality, affordable dental care to the community. The clinic serves as a model of what can be accomplished when three health professional schools come together to serve their communities.

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Pacific West Dental is proud to offer a wide range of dental insurance options to meet the needs of our local residents. These include a freedom-of-choice plan that allows individuals to choose any provider they wish for their dental care, and a dual option plan that provides employees with a base plan from the employer and lets them purchase additional benefits on a voluntary basis.

Vancouver – Orthodontist Braces Invisalign provides orthodontic solutions for overbite and underbite issues using clear braces and Invisalign at its two locations. The team offers a comprehensive treatment plan designed with each patient’s unique goals in mind.

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