Choosing a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer

new york traffic ticket lawyer

Millions of cars travel New York roads each day, and the state enforces complex traffic regulations to maintain safety and order. Unfortunately, even minor traffic violations can have serious consequences. For example, a speeding ticket can result in expensive fines and points on your license. It can also increase insurance rates, and even threaten job security for professional drivers or those insured by their employers.

Often, people decide to simply pay their ticket and move on. However, this may not be the best solution. By paying a ticket, you are automatically admitting guilt and forfeiting your right to contest the charges. A new york traffic ticket lawyer can help you explore your options and determine whether fighting the citation is the right choice for your situation.

The Right Attorney

Choosing the right new york traffic ticket lawyer is critical to your case. It’s important to find an attorney who has a strong background in traffic defense and a track record of success. Also, it’s important to consider the attorney’s fees and how they compare to other attorneys. Generally speaking, the more experienced the attorney is, the higher their fee will be.

A good New York traffic violation lawyer will carefully review your case and evidence to see what your best options are. They will argue that the police officer’s judgement was subjective, and they will question any evidence presented by the prosecution, such as radar readings or witness testimony.

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