New Generation Spray Foam Insulation Improves Energy Efficiency


Insulation Contractor is a unique type of insulation that acts as both an insulation material and an air sealant, closing the small gaps and spaces that let air escape and increase your monthly energy bills. Because it is so powerful at sealing areas in a home, spray foam has been nicknamed “weatherization,” as it effectively seals your building envelope to improve energy efficiency.

Experience Excellence: New Generation Spray Foam Setting the Standard

This is possible because spray foam starts out as a liquid and expands on installation, filling any cracks or crevices in a home’s walls or roof. This is one of the reasons why spray foam is ideal for new construction and for older homes that need upgrading to higher energy-efficiency levels. It can also be applied to commercial or metal buildings, as long as the open cavities are accessible.

It is important to hire professional installers for any spray foam project, as this will ensure consistent coverage and proper expansion of the foam. These experienced professionals will use a large rig equipped with high-end technology that ensures the foam is mixed properly and heated to the optimal temperature before it is sprayed onto the walls of your home.

Because the spray foam insulation acts as both an air sealant and a thermal barrier, it is able to provide higher R-values than other types of home insulation, including fiberglass batts or rigid foam board. These higher R-values will help to keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer, which will result in lower energy bills each month.

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